Hi! I'm Noelia Hernández, a Postdoctoral
Researcher at the INVETT Research Group.

Welcome to my personal webpage!


1st August 2017

My work titled "Fuzzy classifier ensembles for hierarchical WiFi-based semantic indoor localization" has been published in Expert Systems With Applications!

1st June 2017

I'm back!! Today is my first day working with the INVETT Research Group at the Universidad de Alcalá as part of the AutoDrive European project.

20th July 2016

LSI research group has a new photo!

7th January 2016

Today I joined the Intelligent Systems Laboratory at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. I am really excited about this new experience!

5th November 2015

We just gave a talk about Service Robotics during the Robotics Week of the University of Alcalá (Click on the image to watch the conference on Youtube (Spanish))

26th July - 30th October 2014

I spent three months at the Yonsei University (Korea) under the supervision of Dr. Euntai Kim. A really great experience. Thank you so much Dr. Kim!

24th March 2017

Today was my last day working with the LSI Group at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. It's been a wonderful year both personally and profesionally. Thank you for one of the funniest years ever! I will really really miss you guys!

26th May 2016

I've received the University of Alcalá Extraordinary Doctorate Award!

22nd December 2015

Today was my last day with the Robesafe Group at the University of Alcalá. Hope to be back soon. I will miss you guys!

15th October 2015

I just presented my paper at the IPIN 2015 conference in Banff (Canada). This is the view from the conference room, lovely!

11st July 2014

Paper presented at the WCCI 2014 conference. Beijing, China

11st January 2017

My work titled "Continuous Space Estimation: Increasing WiFi-Based Indoor Localization Resolution without Increasing the Site-Survey Effort" has been published in Sensors!

3rd-4th May 2016

I've been invited to present my work at the Symposium "Challenges of Fingerprinting in Indoor Positioning and Navigation" organized by the UOC in Barcelona. I've really enjoyed the event. Thank you very much for the invitation!

21st November 2015

Robesafe research group has a new photo!

1st March 2015

I am a Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Alcalá!

21st November 2014

Paper presented at the UPINLBS 2014 conference. Corpus Christi, Texas (USA)

22nd July 2014

I am a PhD!!!